Sivas Vegas is a modern indulgence in cuisine, hookah lounge, and music. Our exquisite selection of Mediterranean food will be at your fingertips from our expert staff. Our variation of delicious handcrafted cocktails and full service bar only adds to the Sivas Vegas experience.

Sivas Vegas Mediterranean Food Catering Service


Sivas Vegas offers our expert dining service brought directly to your door. We custom design your menu to fit your event.With Mediterranean food that is second to none and our expert staff at your disposal, your catering event is guaranteed to not only be excellent, but extraordinary. Inquire here.


Our unique Hookah Lounge and dining environment provide for the perfect setting for an intimate event. Available for private booking. Whether you want a private dining experience or to make use of our Hookah Lounge, we are happy to customize a menu and preset our restaurant to your specifications.