Best Hookah Lounge in Las Vegas

Best Las Vegas Hookah Lounge Closest to the Strip and best selection of Hookah Flavors and Drinks. We have a unique selection of 20 flavors that you can enjoy. Sivas Vegas has the best ambiance for enjoying time with your friends and family.

A Hookah Lounge is a modern indulgence in the joys to be found from smoking quality Tobacco. The eastern answer to a cigar lounge, a hookah lounge represents a new, urban culture while connecting with its ancient roots. Sometimes referred to as a shisha bar or shisha den, these luxurious hangouts are typically found in college areas or urban areas; really anywhere there is a hip culture. With the modern revival of many eastern principles, certain eastern practices have found their way into the American zeitgeist of what it means to chill.

As a representation of multiculturalism, a Hookah Lounge is a great place to relax, partake in beautiful and flavorful smoke, and even have a few drinks. Some Hookah Lounges are equipped to provide more than just drinks and fun, but also have a restaurant to compliment the lounge. A great Hookah lounge, and considered one of the best in Las Vegas is Sivas Vegas. Only a few minutes from the strip, this cross-cultural restaurant is not only a host to excellent Mediterranean cuisine, but also features this excellent hookah lounge.

With careful attention to the quality and flavor of different tobacco, Sivas Vegas provides a traditional experience in a modern environment. With daily specials, including those on the hookah itself, Sivas Vegas is sure to provide a unique experience for your next trip to Las Vegas. It’s the best place to start your journey into the world of the hookah experience. Whether your taste is to enjoy the flavors of raw tobacco with little preparation or a more unique experience with different flavors, you can’t go wrong with Sivas Vegas.